12/1/2016 to 12/31/2020


Can the TOUCH and PRECISE TOUCH be used on all skin colours?

Do the TOUCH and PRECISE TOUCH permanent hair reduction devices work on all hair colours?

Are any preparations required prior to hair removal treatment?

When can I expect to see hair removal results?

What happens if I don't do the first seven treatments every week according to the protocol?

I used the TOUCH or PRECISE TOUCH hair removal device last week and still see hair... why would this happen?

Are the TOUCH and PRECISE TOUCH hair removal devices safe?

Can I use TOUCH and PRECISE TOUCH anywhere on my body?

Can I use the TOUCH or PRECISE TOUCH on my face?

How long does a TOUCH or PRECISE TOUCH treatment take?

How do I select the right energy level?

Does using the TOUCH or PRECISE TOUCH hurt?

Can I use the TOUCH or PRECISE TOUCH if I'm tanning?

Can I use the TOUCH or PRECISE TOUCH over tattoos?




What is the SKIN SMOOTHING LASER™ technology?

What areas can I treat?

Where do I start the treatment on my face?

Can I use a gel / topical cream before my laser treatment?

Can I treat my eyelids?

The manual says to give 40 pulses; will I have better results if I give more than forty pulses or worse results if I give less than 40 pulses?

Will I see better results the longer I use the SKIN SMOOTHING LASER™?

How do I turn on the SKIN SMOOTHING LASER™?

Which button do I need to press to deliver a Laser pulse?

What’s an easy way for me to tell if my SKIN SMOOTHING LASER™ is on and ready to go?

Why won’t the SKIN SMOOTHING LASER™ fire/pulse when I slide it along my skin?

I placed the SKIN SMOOTHING LASER™ on my skin and lifted it as soon as I heard the tone.
I know this isn’t right because the tone is interrupted, how do I fix it?

I was interrupted during my treatment and put the SKIN SMOOTHING LASER™ down for a few minutes. Why did it turn off?

Sometimes the SKIN SMOOTHING LASER™ doesn’t pulse in certain areas, like on my cheekbone or on my upper lip. Are there any “tricks” that will help me give a better treatment?

After a few days of treatments, I noticed that my skin is tender and sensitive to the touch in specific areas.  What should I do?

My skin feels tighter following the treatment. Is this normal? 

My skin is itchy following treatment. Is this normal?

My skin feels warm following the treatment.  Is this normal?



What are the Skin Rejuvenating Pillowcase and Eye Mask with Patented Copper Technology?

What are the benefits of copper?

How do the Skin Rejuvenating Pillowcase and Eye Mask work?

Are there clinical studies supporting the benefits of the intelligent textiles?

When will I see results?

What is the lifespan of the intelligent textiles?

How do I care for my Skin Rejuvenating Pillowcase or Eye Mask?

What are the intelligent textiles made of?

What is the size of the intelligent textiles?



Can I preorder items for delivery?

How do I check an order that I've placed?

Can I change my order?

What if I forget my password?



What should I do if my credit/debit card has been refused when placing an order?

Do I have to pay for shipping of any returned item?

When do I get my refund once I have returned an item?

Do I get charged for shipping and handling of each item I order?

Do you deliver overseas?

I have a question or complaint, whom should I speak to?

What do I do if my device breaks down during the warranty period?